Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Account as of October 2021 [updated]

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Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Account as of October 2021 [updated]

With about 1.386 billion monthly users, Instagram is the 4th most used Social media platform worldwide. As this is hugely popular all over the globe, with the rise of influencers, people can now even make a living out there. This blog consists of the top 20 Instagram account for the month of October.

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Scroll down to see the top 20 Instagram accounts, which include everyone from soccer players to singers to companies and everything in between.

20. mileycyrus (149m followers)

On the top 20 Instagram list first, we have, Miley Cyrus, the child star turned into the giant pop star.

Cyrus has a standard Instagram profile. There are a lot of selfies, as well as pictures from photo sessions and her attending events.

As shown above, she frequently utilizes it to tease upcoming releases and announcements on her channel.

Screenshot from mileycyrus Instagram profile

19. virat.kohli (160m followers)

On the 19th of the list, we have an Indian sportsman (cricketer) Virat Kohli. He is the cricketing superstar from India.

Screenshot from Virat.kohli Instagram account

18. nikiminaj (160m followers)

Right after Virat, we have Niki Minaj, American Musician.

Screenshot from nickiminaj Instagram profile

17. The Brazilian footballer Neymar (161m followers)

Neymar, the Brazilian player, is the first name on the list, and he barely makes it into the top 10. His current club is Paris Saint-Germain, where he plays as a striker.

For a football celebrity, his Instagram is filled with images of him playing football, hanging out with other celebs, and generally enjoying the good life.

Screenshot from Neymar’s Instagram profile

16. Nike (177m followers)

Nike, the top company on our list, has clearly seen the value of having a robust social media presence. Instead of merely checking a box, their account serves as a tutorial in how to operate a successful one.

It’s a fantastic combination of video and still images that suits their brand and varies over time. As can be seen in the linked article above, they also have a link to their IGTV material.

Nike is one of the few brands to make it into the top 20 thanks to a strong theme and high-quality articles.

Screenshot from Nike Instagram profile

15. Jennifer Lopez, the singer and actress (180m followers)

Jennifer Lopez will take the stage next. Jennifer from the block is a well-known actor and musician who devotes a lot of time and energy to her Instagram account.

Apart from her regular behind-the-scenes shots, music videos, and promos, JLo has a number of Story Highlights from the events she goes to as well as the hashtags she creates on her Instagram page.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

14. Taylor Swift (182m followers)

The next person on the list is Taylor Swift, who also happens to be the most well-known Twitter user.

Popularity on Twitter doesn’t always transfer to success on Instagram, as Katy Perry has learned.

That being said, Swift is considerably more active on Instagram than Twitter, posting Story Highlights, photos from live concerts, and advertisements for her current projects and activities (along with the usual selfies and personal life posts).

Screenshot from Instagram profile

13. Khloé Kardashian(190m followers)

Here’s the first of many Kardashians and Jenners to appear on this list (not that that will be a surprise to anyone).

She and her family have had a lot of success on the site, posting about their daily lives, companies, and hobbies.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

12. National Geographic (188m followers)

National Geographic, a magazine about nature, is another name on the list.

Because Instagram is primarily a visual medium, National Geographic has taken advantage of this by publishing images shot by their extensive network of photographers on the social media site.

Unsurprisingly, stunning photos and videos from throughout the world have proven popular among consumers.

11. Kendall Jenner (195m followers)

The next person we have is the model Kendall Jenner.

In addition to promoting her photo sessions and fashion work, she posts selfies and photographs from her personal life on her account.

Screenshot taken form Instagram account

10. Justin Bieber (200m followers)

Here’s a look at Justin Bieber. It’s no wonder he made the cut, given his status as one of the most popular music singers in the world.

His Instagram is a little goofier than the usual pop star’s, with images of him hanging out with celebrities, cartoon versions of himself, and, of course, his April Fools pregnancy hoax.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

9. The pop singer Beyoncé (214m followers)

Then there’s the real deal: Beyoncé.

Her pregnancy announcement was the most-liked Instagram post before it made the list.

Most of her postings feature photos from her concerts and professional activities, but there are also some more personal ones sprinkled throughout.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

8. Kim Kardashian (258m followers)

The most well-known of the Kardashians and Jenners, and the second-to-last on the list.

Her story resembles that of many others in her family, including her siblings and parents. There are images from her modeling career, events she attends, and even some personal items like old family photos.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

7. Selena Gomez (268m followers)

Singer and actress Selena Gomez are frequent on lists of the most popular Instagram postings.

Her Instagram is filled with selfies, photographs of her at events, and pictures of her pals, but there are also a few political postings on issues like women’s rights on her account.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

6. Ariana Grande (2m followers)

Ariana Grande, the global pop sensation, rounds off the list.

As one of the world’s most renowned and well-liked singers, it’s only logical that she’d be so well-liked on Instagram.

Photos of her performing, meeting other celebs and generally enjoying the pop star high life fill her Instagram account.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

5.  Lionel Messi (274m followers)

Argentina’s national football team, soccer star Lionel Messi, is next on our list.

As one of the most well-known players in the world, his Instagram is filled with images of him playing, as well as glimpses into his personal life and other events he attends. There’s also that amazing dog.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

4. Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’ (274m followers)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the only wrestler from the United States to make the top twenty.

His 4th place finish comes as a result of his success as a WWE star turned actor.

There aren’t many surprises on his account — he shares images from filming, gym pictures, and updates about his family.

3. Kylie Jenne (276m followers)

Despite the fact that she didn’t make the cut, Kylie Kenner is the most well-known Instagram user. She once topped the list of most-liked Instagram posts, and she’s now in the top 20 on a number of occasions.

On her account, you’ll see photographs of her family, including her newborn kid, as well as work.

Screenshot from Instagram profile

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (356m followers)

Finally, we’ve arrived at our most popular Instagram user: soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a star forward for Juventus and Portugal’s national team captain, and he’s one of the finest players in the world.

When it comes to his feed, there aren’t many surprises. There are a lot of photographs of him with his family, playing football, and just having a wonderful time in general.

In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo is the first individual to have 200 million Instagram followers. Nice!

Screenshot from Instagram profile

1. Instagram (434m followers)

Instagram’s official account, which is well out in front with 300 million followers, rounds out the top three.

Their feed has a clear goal: to showcase the most intriguing and well-known Instagram users and trends. In addition, they advertise their own IGTV material, which they produce independently.

Will there ever be a social media platform that has more followers than Instagram?

Anything is possible if an egg can defeat Kylie Jenner.

Screenshot from Instagram profile


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