How To Check If Current SIM Is Registered On Your Name?

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 The usage of a SIM card registered in someone else’s name is prohibited by law. Additionally, NTA asks users to utilize SIM cards registered in their own names. Another reason is that the government has begun using mobile numbers on the Nagarik app to identify users. Additionally, they seek to stop illicit activity using someone else’s SIM card. People have been looking for ways to determine whether the SIM card they are currently using is registered in their own name. We describe how to check the registration name for the SIM card or mobile number you use in this post.Also, find the process to transfer Ntc and Ncell SIM ownership to your own name if you have been using it for a long time.

A procedure for implementing the e-KYC system for SIM card registration was also being developed by NTA. First off, there is a limit of two on the number of SIM cards that can be registered under one name. For SIM card registration, they will employ digital information like a fingerprint or retina. But it appears that the e-KYC system’s implementation will take additional time.

Nowadays, purchasing a SIM card from your neighborhood stationery store is fairly convenient. But ten years ago, things were very different. To obtain a SIM card, many had to wait months and stand in queues even at night. People were forced to purchase SIM card from a third party at a premium cost because it was more difficult to obtain. They don’t even know the persons whose names were used to register those SIM cards. Others, however, receive money in the name of their family, close friends, or even relatives.

Let’s find the process on how to check the SIM card owner name for both Ntc and Ncell number.

NTC SIM card name check

To check the registered name for Ntc SIM card/mobile number,

  • To check the registered name by USSD, you need to dial *922#.
  • Then you will get the display notification of the SIM registered name.

How to change the SIM card name in Ntc?

If you find above that the SIM card/mobile number that you are using is not registered in your name or is incorrect, follow the steps as: (Requirement: You need to have used the number for a long time, greater than six months).

  • • For prepaid, you must visit the Ntc office to change the SIM’s ownership using a government-issued form of legitimate identity, such as a passport or driver’s license (NTA has made it mandatory to carry original citizenship). In order to validate your usage, you must additionally identify 5 to 7 called numbers and present a copy of your ID along. Then, you must include a photo of yourself on a “Kabuliyat Nama” form. In a similar manner, you can modify your registered name if you discover any errors.
  • • If you have a postpaid service, you must also go to the NTC office with the original owner and his or her Nagarikta. A copy of your citizenship must be provided by both of you. Present “Warisnama” and a copy of your citizenship if the original owner is not present. Fill out a form with your photo; it will take some time and money to link it to your name. When transferring ownership of a sim registered in the corporate name, the PAN number and registration must be presented to the NTC office.

Ncell SIM card name check

To check the name of Ncell SIM card/mobile number, you need

  • to dial *9966# which will tell the registration name for that SIM. You can also click to indicate whether the name displayed is accurate or inaccurate. Customers of Ncell can access their Ncell app to check their SIM card name. Download the app and log in to check the owner’s name if you don’t already have it.

How to change the SIM card registration name in Ncell?

Ncell advises you to visit the nearest Ncell center with a valid government ID (citizenship, passport, or driver’s license) to register in your name if you discover that the registered name is inaccurate or not your own. The SIM ownership transfer process is simple for Ncell personnel if you can show documentation that you’ve used the card for longer than two months.

Smart SIM card name check

To check the registered name for the Smart SIM card/mobile number, you will have to dial 4242 and get to know whose name the SIM is registered on.

How to change the SIM card name in Smart?

If you discover that the SIM is incorrectly or improperly registered in your name. You will be required to attend the closest Smart center with the current owner’s application and any current, valid identification (such as a passport, driver’s license, or proof of citizenship) that was provided when applying. Additionally, you must include color pictures of your original documents. During the transfer procedure at the Smart center, both parties must be present.

I hope the preceding method aids you in locating the SIM card owner’s name so you can replace it with your own if you’ve been using it for a while. Tell us what you think about the SIM card owner check procedure. Likewise, share your thoughts on the ownership transfer in the comment below.

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