Unicode 14.0 Unveiled With 37 New Emojis Like Melting Face, Troll, and Heart Hands

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Unicode 14.0 Unveiled With 37 New Emojis Like Melting Face, Troll, and Heart Hands

There are 37 new emojis included in the Unicode 14.0 release such as the Melting Face Emoji and Heart Hands Emoji

Tuesday, September 15, Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that certifies and standardizes emojis, announced the introduction of Unicode 14.0. There are 37 new emoji characters coming to Android, iPhone, and other devices later this year according to the Unicode Consortium. We now include saluting faces, heart hands, low-battery indicators, and crossed fingers and thumbs in our collection of quick-to-share emojis. In total, there will be 112 new designs, taking into account all of the additional variants and skin tones.

There are now 144,697 characters, according to a blog entry on the Unicode website. Five additional scripts have been added, bringing the total to 159, and 37 new emoji characters have been added. In addition to the new features, there is a face with wide eyes and a hand over mouth, as well as one with a peeping eye, diagonal lips, and even one with tears held back.

A pregnant guy and pregnant person, a person with a crown, and varied hand postures are just some of the emojis that will be available in 2021. As well, there’s a heart-shaped hand emoji. Coral, beans, flowing liquid, jars, lotuses, and nests with eggs are some of the other emojis available. The emoji chart for Unicode 14 has the whole list of new emojis, which includes 37 new ones in total.
Unicode Consortium suggestions are used to determine the characters, according to the website. As part of the Emoji Selection Factors in submitting Emoji Proposals, it will be evaluated and selected by the Unicode Emoji Committee.

The COVID-19 outbreak last year caused a delay in the release of Unicode 14.0. This is the second time that the Unicode Standard 14.0 has been postponed. The Unicode 14.0 emojis debuted in September 2021 instead of March 2021.

When these emojis will be available on Android and iOS smartphones is yet unknown. Upon the introduction of the new Unicode Emojis by the Unicode Consortium, technology firms such as Google, Apple, Twitter, and others produce their own versions of these Emojis and add support on their own platforms. This can take a long time.

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