Instagram Reels can now be double the length

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Instagram Reels can now be double the length

Instagram rolls can now take up to one minute, double the duration limit of 30 seconds. Instagram first made a 15-second debut with Reels. Just a month later, it swiftly doubled. Reels is about a year old, so it looks like it’s time for another update.

Until recently, TikTok capped 60 seconds of videos, and the platform really exploded with that time limit. So it is perhaps good to increase Instagram’s short video restriction to allow artists to work with it a bit more. For cookery videos, narratives, and more, TikTok’s extended limitations were preferable, yet they still kept its fast-moving programming rate.

Instagram Reels can now be double the length

TikTok has just extended its restriction for all creators to 3 minutes, so it’s probably a time before Instagram pushes its limits further. Instagram still has not yet explained how well Reels does. In January, Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s boss, said: “We must be frank that Tiktok is on its way.” I watched, for the first time on TikTok, a ripe Instagram Reels video, so that’s something.

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