Thousands of Netflix Users Canceled Their Subscriptions. Here’s How to Quit

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Thousands of Netflix Users Canceled Their Subscriptions. Here’s How to Quit

Today is National Streaming Day, and for some people, Netflix isn’t on their list of options for watching their favorite shows. Last month, the streaming video behemoth reported a 200,000-subscriber drop in the first quarter of 2022. The business had predicted a 2.5 million subscription rise for that time span.

What is causing so many people to abandon Netflix? One major cause is the easing of COVID-19 pandemic limitations; people who were previously constrained to streaming video at home now have additional entertainment options, such as dining out, attending concerts, or seeing movies in theaters. Netflix is also suffering from inflation. Families are limiting spending due to the high cost of food and gasoline, and Netflix’s price hike at the start of 2022 may have drawn attention to it as a potential budget reduction.

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The corporation identified the war in Ukraine as a major factor in subscriber loss in its Q1 2022 shareholder letter. Netflix claims that the suspension of its service in Russia resulted in a net loss of 700,000 customers worldwide.

More consumers may contemplate abandoning Netflix as competitors such as Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Hulu grow. If you’re ready to say goodbye to Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Russian Doll, and Better Call Saul keep reading to find out how to cancel your Netflix membership quickly and painlessly.

How to quit your Netflix subscription on your phone or tablet

On a computer, canceling your subscription is simple (see the next section). Netflix makes canceling your subscription on your phone and tablet tough, but it is possible, but you will not be utilizing any of the official Netflix apps available on the App Store or Play Store. Instead, you’ll need to deactivate your Netflix subscription via your preferred online browser:

1. Sign in to your Netflix account by visiting in your web browser. If you’re being redirected to the app, open the Netflix website in a private browser to avoid being turned.

2. Tap the three-dash menu in the top left to open the side menu.

3. Now hit Account.

4. Scroll down and select Cancel Membership from the Membership & Billing section. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing term, according to the next page.

5. To cancel your Netflix subscription, tap the blue Finish Cancellation button.

How to quit Netflix?

To cancel your Netflix account on mobile, you need to go to the website in your web browser.

How to quit your Netflix subscription on your computer

On your computer, canceling your Netflix account is a lot easier. To begin, open your favorite web browser and complete the following steps:

1. Visit, log in to your account, and select a user. You won’t be able to access your account settings if you use a Kids account.

2. Then, in the top-right corner, hover your mouse over the user icon and select Account.

3. Select Cancel Membership from the drop-down menu.

4. Finally, press the blue Cancel Finish button.

how to quit Netflix?

Ignore the offers on the right side if you intend to cancel your Netflix account.

New Netflix subscription prices

The price increases for Netflix’s three tiers of streaming service announced in January, are already in effect for new members and are being phased in for existing Netflix customers. If you haven’t received an email regarding the price increases, here’s the most recent price breakdown:

Netflix price plans

PlanOld monthly priceNew monthly pricePrice increase

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