Best Tech Tips 2021

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Best Tech Tips 2021

Learn by doing, and learn more by reading blogs. Today in this blog we shall be covering the best technology-related tips and tricks to be used in 2021. Below are the top tech tips and tricks for 2021.

Ads Free YouTube Experience

Bored of ads on YouTube, follow this simple step to get ads free youtube view.

Sample link:

Change to:

Confused, no worry I will break it down into simple steps. What you need to do is add “_popup” (without any spaces) into the link just after the “watch” and before “?v=” begins. And hurray here you go, a new model of video playback without any ads for recommended video.

Ads-free YouTube (Tech Tricks)

Also, there is another simple step of adding an ads blocker extension on your browser. If you are a Google Chrome user simply install this plugin by clicking here. If you are using Firefox browser click here.

Managing your bookmark on Chrome

YouTube video player

This tip is extremely useful if you are looking for a way to call up your frequently used website for your daily use. Try saving them in your bookmark bar folder.

Reopen recently closed tabs

Annoyed when you have accidentally closed the tab you are working on. Worry not, this simple trick will help you a lot. Just click Control + Shift + T on Windows or Linux and Command + Shift + W in Mac. This simple trick will save you a lot of headaches.

Tip: Also you can directly close the current tab on the browser by using this keyboard command Control + W and the whole browser using Control + Shift + W. Try it and thank me later.

An awesome trick for your browser

Removing the Video Background

Want to make your own personalized stickers or gifs you can use this handy tool to make it. This will completely remove the background of your video, make sure you upload short video clips. You can add images, graphics, or fun colors to your video to also you can make your video transparent. Think of what you can do!

#BeTheBitmoji - How to Insert a Video of Yourself to Google Slides

Password Manager

Tired of remembering your password, as the average person has around 100 password-protected accounts with them according to But we remember on the combination of a few of them, also found that 12345, 123456, and 123456789 were the top three passwords in 2019. Make sure you are not using these though.

You can use either of these platforms to save your password. Some of the popular sources include 1PasswordDashlaneGoogle Password ManagerKeeper, and LastPass. Some are free, while others charge a fee you can use them as per your needs.

Here are the Best Tech Tips for 2021. Make sure you comment your best one on the comment section below. Also read more technology-related blogs here: link.

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