Top Biggest Technology Company – 2021

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Top Biggest Technology Company – 2021

There was a time not long ago when all of the top 10 tech companies were from the US alone. In fact, 50% of them would be from Silicon Valley. Time has changed now, as a matter of fact, the number of top 10 technology companies clustered in the San Francisco Bay area has steadily declined. Increasing, Asia-based tech companies to rise, this blog consists of the list of the top 10 worlds most valuable tech companies.

1. Apple

Apple Inc. designs manufacture and markets a various range of consumer technology products, including personal computers, smartphones, home entertainment devices, and many more. Its most popular products include the iPhone series and Mac computers. It has also dramatically increased its sales from services. It operates digital content stores and recently launched several streaming services, including Apple+, a platform for on-demand entertainment content.

Total Networth: $2 Trillion

Net Income: $57.2 billion (as of 2020)

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2. Microsoft

Microsoft is a global software developer and licensor, device, solutions. and services. The company is most popular for its Windows and Office Suite software. It’s growing a share of its profit and revenue from cloud computing and has developed its own platform – Azure. It also owns and operates LinkedIn, one of the most popular social networking sites for job seekers.

Total Networth: $301.3 billion

Net Income: $61.27 billion (as of 2021)


3. Samsung

In important product areas, Samsung Electronics competes with Apple and other big tech companies around the world. Consumer electronics, information technology, and communications are just a few of the businesses it’s involved in. Mobile phones, tablets, wearable gadgets, virtual reality goods, TVs and home theaters, PCs, printers, home appliances, and more are all sold by the South Korean corporation. This company is best known for its Galaxy smartphones.

Total Networth: $233.7 billion

Net Income: $22.4 billion (as of 2020)


4. Alphabet

Alphabet is an American multinational group located in Mountain View, California. It is also the parent company of Google, and controller of many of Google’s former services.

Total Networth: $319.62 billion (as of 2021)

Net Income: $40.27


5. AT&T

AT&T is an American multinational company based in Dallas, Texas, US. AT&T is the largest mobile phone provider and second-largest telephone provider within the US.

Total Networth: $266 billion (as of 2021)

Net Income: $5.18 billion


6. Amazon, Inc trade name Amazon, is a multinational company mainly focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Total Networth: $316.48 billion (as of 2021)

Net Income: $33.76 billion (as of 2020)


7. Verizon Communication

Verizon Communication Inc, is a US-based multinational company focused on telecommunication and a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way our customers live, work, learn and play.

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