Best Technology Industry News Website 2021

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Best Technology Industry News Website 2021

Technology has now become one of the basic needs in today’s time. Speaking from Smartphones (Android, iPhone) to smart cars (tesla), almost everything that we know of is now powered by technology. As technology has completely changed the way we interact, share or do our jobs.

As new app gadgets are developed every day, tech blogs and tech websites come in handy to get updated regularly.

To make you stay updated on a regular basis we have compiled the best technology industry news website for 2021 in this blog.

Best tech website to follow!

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the most popular websites for providing quality information related to the technology industry. This website has a large contributor base, so it’s a great source to find the latest scoops on Information Technology. This website also consists of a large database of funding information to info about founders regarding the start-ups.

The screenshot is taken from the TechCrunch website

What’s this website about: If you are into info regarding the starts-ups world, this is one of the must-follow sources. This website consists of tons of information as well as a podcast on various different topics.

2. Cnet

What this website about Number 2 on the list is Cnet, this website has been around since 1992. Cnet has brought customers unbiased ratings and reviews on tech products also featuring details about specs, prices, and a large database of freeware on tech products.

The screenshot is taken from the CNet website


What this website is about: This is another leading source of information on the internet mostly covering gadgets-related news and guides and is one of the top platforms for gadgets lovers. Their reviewer’s sections are great space for gadgets knowledge- laptops, smartphones, and many more.

The screenshot is taken from the GIZMODO website

4. TheVerge

What this website about This website has a focus mission on how technology is changing and shaping our lives for the coming future. They discuss tech products news with their announcement, videos, and much more. Videos on this website are well-produced. The topics here are divided into various categories such that while navigating user won’t face any problem and get the content that you are looking for.

The screenshot is taken from The Verge website


What’s this website about: Gadgets Now is the technology destination of the globe’s most-read website – The Times of India. This website provides news regarding the technology industry, as well as a comparison of various gadgets. This has a section to shop too, where consumers can directly buy the product they like.

The Screenshot is taken from the Gadgets Now website

6. Digital Trends

What’s this website about: Digital Trends is a website fully based on great information, regarding the latest products updates, news, and gadgets coverage along with the analysis. A standout feature is their ‘Original Series‘ tab which covers every topic in-depth in the form of a web series. The best ones are- The Food Fight, Woman with Byte, Digital Trends Live, and Tech for Change.

Screenshot is taken form Digital Trends

7. TheNextWeeb

What’s this website about: The Next Weeb is another leading tech-related blog on the internet, providing technology-related stuff. It also publishes useful articles for upcoming gadgets.

The screenshot is taken from The Next Weeb website

8. Wired

What’s this website about: Providing news related to the latest trends of technology, Wired is one of the popular website publishing guides related to the latest high-tech stuff, science, entertainment, gadgets, business, and many more.

The Screenshot is taken form the Wired website

9. Tech2

What’s this website about: Tech2 mostly shares, articles, and guides related to new technology gadgets on the market such as TV, laptops, smartphones, gaming devices. Apart from this it also covers podcasts, videos, and photos linked to the latest technology. Also, this website provides the features to compare new gadgets to receive a better outcome.

The Screenshot is taken from the Tech2 website

10. GSM Arena

What’s this website about: GSMArena, mostly focuses on a variety of brands of smartphones and their specification. This website provides the best review about the upcoming smartphone on the market. Also, providing the feature to compare the product to get the better one.

The screenshot is taken from the GSM Arena website

11. NewYorkTimes

12. Axios

13. TechRadar

14. Engadget

15. 9to5mac

16. BBC

17. CNN

18. Venturebeat

19. Gigaom

20. Slashgear

21. Droid-Life

22. Eurogamer

23. Playstation

24. Macrumors

25. Business Insider

There you have it, folks- some of the best tech websites to follow in 2021. If you want to be informed about everything happening in the world of tech and gadgets, the above-mentioned sites are more than enough to put you on the right track. Happy Reading! Also, you can read more tech-related blogs here.

These were some of the top tech-related websites that we prepared, Make sure you comment on your favourite one in the comment section below.

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