Twitter adding Ability to Limit Replies to Tweets after Posting

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Twitter adding Ability to Limit Replies to Tweets after Posting

Twitter, according to the insider, is expanding its capacity to allow users to choose who may react to their tweets after they’ve been published in the feed. Because the feature was previously available to the user before sending a tweet. Users can now limit it even after the material has been published. Users may now limit replies to users they follow, users referenced in tweets or everyone – which is the default setting for all users. This new option will be implemented across all Twitter platforms.

This was announced through, tweets, where they announced the new capability it is extending to its users. Here is the link for the post. Last year, the microblogging site made it possible to determine who may reply to a tweet. However, as previously said, it has to be done while writing a tweet. Users may now modify this setting even after a tweet has been published by selecting the Change who can reply option from the three-dots menu on a tweet. Users will be presented with three choices: Everyone, Individuals you Follow, and Only people you Mentioned.

People now have more control over who may react to their tweets thanks to the new functionality. The option to control who may connect with a tweet might assist Twitter users to avoid possible trolling and abuse. Although Twitter has not stated when the upgrade will be available to all users, it appears that the process has begun. Gadgets 360 was able to independently confirm the new functionality. If you haven’t yet seen a new function, it will most likely appear in your account soon.

Twitter has also shown some concepts that will allow users to share their tweets only with ‘Trusted Friends’ — much like Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature that lets users share stories with selected followers. Twitter is developing a new feature called “Facets” that will allow users to classify their tweets after they have been published. Users will be able to publish numerous tweets from a single account using “Facets.” Users who want to submit the same tweet from several accounts must now switch accounts and then post again.

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