Instagram is planning to launch a security check feature for accounts that have been hacked

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Instagram is planning to launch a security check feature for accounts that have been hacked

Instagram is receiving a new Security Check tool for those who have previously had their accounts hijacked. This tool was created to assist users to protect their accounts by guiding them through the procedures necessary to do so. Checking login activity, verifying profile information, validating accounts with shared login information, and updating account recovery contact information are all steps in this procedure. Instagram is also experimenting with a new reshare sticker in stories to make it simpler to share photos, IGTV, reels, and videos.

Detailing the Security Check feature on its blog, Instagram said: “Security Checkup will help users whose accounts may have been compromised through the actions needed to protect them.” Users whose accounts have already been hacked will be prompted to conduct a security check when logging in. It will walk customers through the procedures for securing their accounts. More measures for users to keep their accounts safe have been suggested by the social media company.

Enabling two-factor authentication is one of the suggested methods for securing an account. Users in select countries will be able to protect their Instagram accounts using their WhatsApp accounts, according to Instagram. Users can also use their phone numbers or authentication applications like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator to enable two-factor authentication. The social media platform has detailed its two-factor authentication on its support page.

Users should also make sure their associated mobile number and email address are updated on a regular basis, according to Instagram. The contact information is used by the social media platform to contact individuals if suspicious behavior is detected on their accounts. It mentions on its support page how this step helps in securing an account.

Instagram has said that it would never send any user Direct Messages as part of its account security measures (DMs). According to the social media site, a substantial number of complaints allege that Instagram sent them a DM asking them to reset their password. It is to be noted that Instagram only sends a message under the ‘Email from Instagram’ tab in settings.

Users should also report any harmful information or accounts they come across on the platform. Users may report information by “clicking the three dots above a post, holding on a message, or visiting an account and reporting straight from the profile,” according to the social networking site. Instagram has also provided a step-by-step guide to filing a complaint.

The blog post said that users should report suspicious login activity as they will receive notifications when they or someone else tries to log in to their account. Users can also view the list of devices that have recently logged in under Settings > Security > Login activity. Users can find out more information on this on the Instagram support website.

Aside from security upgrades, the social media platform is experimenting with a new tool that allows users to share recent content they’ve seen, bookmarked, liked, or made from a “recently viewed” page. When the’reshare’ sticker is selected to post a story, this tab will display. Users may also embed IGTV, reels, and feed video material.The new feature was first spotted by The Verge.

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