Google hits all-time search records and YouTube revenues are rising

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Google hits all-time search records and YouTube revenues are rising

Google roared last quarter, with a record $ 17.9 billion in revenue after the epidemic, and eventually joined other technological titans who rumbled into it, even if COVID-19 was rising. However, the income from Q2-2021 Alphabet is improving — the business has recently posted a record $61.9 billion in all times and recorded earnings of $18.5 billion in a row for the fourth quarter. Some of the statistics published today (PDF) by the firm are nearly two times as many as a years ago.

Google search seems to be the main driver, with $14 billion shooting up to $35.8 billion since last year (over $4 billion more than the previous quarter, too). YouTube also increased enormously and almost doubled advertising revenues to $7 trillion, compared to $3.8 trillion last year. That’s $1 billion during the past quarter, too, that YouTube withdrew. It is also said to have great success with its YouTube Shorts, with 15 billion global views each day (up from 6.5 billion in March).

We do not experience this type of increase every year, as you can see from Jon Erlichman’s tweet below!

One major issue was whether this would be Google Cloud’s fast-growing Google quarter company after the hemorrhage halted to just around a billion in the first quarter. Although Q2, which is still not profitable, reveals that the division only lost 591 million dollars as its revenues rose from 4 billion dollars last quarter to 4.6 billion dollars. (The cloud last year was $3 billion.)

Ask how Google’s hardware company predates possible new Pixel 6 and maybe smartwatches later this year? Alas, Google doesn’t yet split apart hardware statistics, but there is a category “Google other” with other stuff. Now it has revenues of $6.6 billion, up from $5.1 billion.

On the call for Q2, Google CBO Philipp Schindler noted that a large proportion was attributable to consumer expense — just as the pandemic has for some time been a major boom to shopping and Google will be ready for advantage as a major advertisement for search and YouTube.

The corporation was suggested by CFO Ruth Porat that sales and marketing costs may increase later this year to support certain launchings of seasonal products.

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