Depression Defined

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Depression Defined

Khan Bahadur, 25, who traveled to work in Saudi Arabia, could not sleep at night and had many things on his thoughts. He used to suffer from heartburn and had no interest in eating at all. He had been there for two months. His body started to quiver, didn’t feel like playing at all, didn’t feel like working, missed my family day by day, and used to get terrible headaches in the evening. The mind was suffering from anxiousness. It was extremely tough to spend the day. He doesn’t wish to remain overseas for long. He felt he was extremely depressed. He attempted to seek treatment there but could not recover and now he is receiving therapy in his country. This issue is termed depression. Now she is in excellent health.

When the illness is not recognized, such people frequent numerous medication shops. Some patients resort to continuous therapy which does not cure the illness but delays obtaining the required treatment. The major reasons for depression in Nepal include family quarrels, job failures, alienation of spouse, separation in love, death of relatives or close ones, living abroad, loss in business, leaving/going, separation from parents in childhood, and the effect of political imbalance. Some individuals with depression suffer from sleeplessness. Patients with depression experience dreams. Many sad individuals feel dissatisfied and unhappy with the future. Some come to the doctor with the issue of lack of sexual activity. The symptoms of depression should persist for at least 2 weeks to claim that depression is a disease. The World Health Organization estimates that depression affects up to 15 percent of males and up to 25 percent of women throughout a lifetime. The precise reason for the high prevalence of depression in women is not known, although it is believed that the incidence of the illness is greater in women owing to poor endurance.

Depression is an illness that has been observed from time immemorial. Depression is a disease that is impacting more and more individuals. Patients with depression may believe that they have another disease. It has been discovered that many people who complain of therapy again and time again conduct blood tests, X-rays, etc. but do not detect the illness. Depression may be an issue if you experience several symptoms at once.

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There are numerous patients with depression in Nepal. Physical diseases such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, and chronic patients are more prone to develop depression later in life.

Depressed patients frequently debate needlessly over the same issue. For example, if you fail the test once, you will always fail, which is incorrect. Some individuals with depression suffer from negative thoughts. Even if such ideas occur to the mind, such thoughts make you feel restless. CT scans, MRIs of the brain of depressed individuals do not reveal any abnormalities but test for the number of neurotransmitters, which is considered a very fine test and is generally not feasible, with serotonin and norepinephrine. Nor-epinephrine) seems to be decreased in the brain.

It has also been observed that individuals suffering from depression are accused of beating and witchcraft when they exhibit odd symptoms. Depression patients, who make up approximately a third of all mental disorders, prefer to call themselves nerve sufferers, although they suffer from insanity. In reality, this illness is distinct from being crazy and it does not develop into another disease.


What is apparent from the preceding remark is that depression is a complicated illness. The symptoms of this illness are not the same. With therapy, the condition is cured. It is difficult for many physicians to identify this illness since most of the doctors think only about the sickness of the same organ as the patient has stated and the patients frequently refer to the specialist of the same organ or disease on their own.

5 percent of individuals in the community suffer from depression, which is unidentifiable and untreatable. Depression is linked with some kind of suicide in the population. Patients with depression frequently go to the hospital stating that their nerves are burning, their nerves are painful, their nerves are ruptured, their nerves are ruptured, their blood is damaged, and their nerves are tingling.

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Symptoms of Depression

A) Stay for more than 2 weeks.
B) Feeling irritated, forlorn, powerless, and useless.
C) Prefer to live alone.
D) Feeling dizzy, and disturbed.
E) I don’t feel like chatting.
F) Feeling restless, chest discomfort, stomach ache, tingling of hands and feet, burning of feet, burning of the palate, dry mouth. How many patients arrive with various kinds of distinct symptoms.
G) Self-pity.
H) To have unfavorable ideas regarding the past, present, and future.
H) Difficulty sleeping, lack of sleep, and waking up early in the morning.
J) Not interested in eating.
K) Not interested in physical touch.
L) Feeling useless. Headache, nausea.
D) I hope I could die. Some even try suicide and succeed.
E) Frequent weeping.
O) Suspicion and ringing in the ears are also observed in certain individuals.
This illness may reoccur several times.

Types of Depression

There are numerous distinct kinds of depression
Neurotic Depression – These individuals worry about what sort of illness they have.
Psychotic depression – such individuals tend to be distrustful of other people.
Senile Depression – Depression experienced in the elderly age is termed senile depression. Such patients are frequently scared of committing suicide. They can chat and laugh alone.
Depression Stupor- Such individuals are extremely naïve, some patients are crying tears while sitting like that.
Agitated Depression – Such patients are extremely restless. Can’t dwell in one location They experience panic and restless emotions.
Retarded Depression – These patients seldom speak or talk.
Child Depression – Child depression is slightly different. Such patients arrive with symptoms like stomach pain, headache, irritation, illiteracy, etc.
Depression in adults – such individuals frequently go to the doctor with numerous physical complaints.
Winter Depression – Some depressions occur exclusively in the winter months. This kind of depression is termed winter depression. This is observed when the hormone melatonin is disrupted owing to the long night.
Masked Depression – Such people appear cheerful externally but when we obtain knowledge about the patient then the patient tears.
Recurrent Depression – About 50 percent of patients are at risk of recurrent depression. This is related to the discharge of medications, the bad home environment of the patient, and occasionally even while taking the medicine.

Causes of Depression

Depression is induced by a number of causes.
Hereditary migration.
Neurotransmitter problems such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.
If there is any malfunction or illness in the brain.
Being apart from parents in childhood.
Hormonal diseases such as thyroid, adrenal, and growth hormone abnormalities.
Prolonged physical sicknesses, such as diabetes, renal disease, etc.
Personality before becoming ill.
Immediate occurrences such as the death of a loved one, any loss.
Unhealthy familial connections.
By using medications.
Infection during pregnancy inhibits the development of the brain.
By keeping away from society, by relocating.

Difficulty during Depression

What difficulties do people with depression have?
Patients report symptoms of headaches.
Some patients think that they have cancer.
Some individuals are frightened that something is trapped in their throats.
Some individuals claim that there is an issue with sexual organs and a lack of sexual activity.
Some individuals experience regular heartburn and stomach pain.
Some go to a cardiac expert claiming they have heart disease.
Some complained of back discomfort and joint ache.
Some individuals complain of indigestion and lack of digestion.
Some shake and sneeze and believe in witchcraft.
Some claim they instantly fainted.
Patients with depression want to live in a peaceful area alone. I don’t enjoy listening to the radio or watching TV. They worry too much and despair for the rest of their lives.

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