Plan, Package, Offer, and Price of CG Internet

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Plan, Package, Offer, and Price of CG Internet

Chaudhary Group (CG), the biggest corporate company of Nepal has introduced its presence in the Nepali ISP (Internet Service Provider) market with its brand CG Net. Though Wikipedia has listed around 30 ISP in Nepal, the largest Nepal Telecommunication Authority data suggests that a total of 18 being registered to date.

List of ISP taken from Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Despite the large number of ISPs, only a handful are competitive in the market, and they are primarily concentrated in urban regions. Not to mention that the battle for market supremacy is genuine and fierce.

In such a competitive market, CG Net, an internet service provider with the most lucrative internet services for both individuals and companies, has entered the fray.

The company has placed itself in the market being “Speed” as its core USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which manifests in the promotional campaigns of the company; “Speed Matters”. Along with the internet speed, the company has also optimized the pricing which is consists of a lucrative package than any existing service provider.

Now, only time will tell whether CG Net’s popularity would outshine the present ISP industry, but there are some indications that CG might become a dominating market participant.

So, without spending any time, let’s have a look at CG Net’s capabilities.


Plan, Package, Offer, and Price of CG Internet
CG NET website screenshot

Well, this is a pretty exciting one. Let’s talk about whooping 120 Mbps of internet speed. And the most interesting part is, this is the base ‘Introductory Offer’ provided by CG Net. Wait, What? And wait for it, the base cost is Rs. 999 a month. Seems like CG is consistently claiming that unmatched ‘Internet Speed’ is their core competency.

Could the speed and cost be improved any further? I’m filled with awe and skepticism! Enough with the cliffhanger; have a look at CG Net’s bundles in the table below.

Introductory Plans Offered By CG Net

120 Mbps9992,9975,99411,988
One time Set-Up charge
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Single Band Router250020001500Free
Dual Band Router350030002500Free
Refundable deposit500500500500
Source: CG Net Website

Notes (As per the CG Net Website Information)

1. All prices are TSC inclusive
2. 13% VAT applicable
3. Fair Usage Policy is applicable
4. Refundable deposit to be returned when subscriber returns the router in working condition

Fair Usage Policy

Unlike any other ISP’s in the market, the CG Net has streamlined and specific FUP (Fair Usage Policy). For example, the firm has mentioned the use limit as well as any internet speed throttling limits if a particular threshold is exceeded. And, based on a comparison of other competing ISPs in the market, the FUP is either too broad or too restrictive.

Original Data BandwidthData Consumption to 1900 GB120 MBPS Original Speed
Level 1Data Consumption 1900-2000 GB50% of original
Level 2Data Consumption2000-2100 GB30% of original
Level 3Data Consumption More than 2100 GB10% of original
Source: CG Net Website

Furthermore, the basic limit of 1900 GB combined with uninterruptible and steady internet speed is an unrivaled combination.


The CG Net seemed to have handled it rather well. Consider the most cost-effective and fastest plan, then add a minimum service of free installation and eliminate the wire charge across all packages.

For example, the cheapest package for 120 Mbps is Rs. 999 per month, which includes free installation and drop wire charges, and if you are a premium user with the most expensive package of Rs. 11,988, you will also receive a free Single Band Router and Double Band Router, as well as the previous perks.

Finally, the development of CG Net appears to be quite powerful, and it appears to have challenged the market competency status quo in terms of pricing and broadband internet speed. The bigger concern, when we consider CG Net’s market domination, is if it can pool the existing user base of major ISPs like WorldLink, Vianet, and NTC ADSL. Will it be able to provide the promised services?

Only time will tell if the development of CG Net is a revolutionary paradigm in the ISP spectrum or simply a pipe dream.

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