Automatic Network Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data

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Automatic Network Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data

Have you ever used your smartphone’s Automatic Network Switch feature? When your WiFi signal is lost, this clever function enables you to resume internet use using mobile data, ensuring stable internet connectivity.

Although you might not have been expressly aware of it, this characteristic is not strange in reality. With this function, you can switch from WiFi to cellular data and continue to be online. That is, whenever there is a weak signal on your internet connection, your device switches to another. For the sake of explanation, suppose your WiFi network disconnects or loses signal. Automatically, your smartphone will connect to mobile data.

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Nowadays, most homes have WiFi, and since most of them have unlimited bandwidth plans, most people utilize it for browsing, downloading, and watching videos. However, network switching has benefits, and many people utilize it on their devices.

Advantages of Automatic Network Switch

Your device’s ability to maintain a connection and reduce connection drops is enabled via auto network switching. You can use it to browse the internet or carry out any other online activity without being concerned about a connection drop or disconnect. You might be using Chrome to browse the internet, download music, or FaceTime on your iPhone, for example. However, if your WiFi connection drops, your connection ends.

However, you need not be concerned if you use Auto Network Switch. Because whenever your WiFi network experiences a signal loss, it automatically switches to mobile data without your help. While playing a game, video chatting, downloading a file, or doing anything else, there won’t be any interruptions. In some circumstances, it increases download and upload speeds and guarantees a steady internet connection. Find out which is preferable with benefits and cons: mobile data or wifi.

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However, this feature uses mobile data to access the internet, so it might not be the best option for people with smaller data plans. Using data can only be a temporary fix since WiFi offers an unlimited internet package. This is why Auto Network Switch is a perfect utility for business professionals or those who work online and cannot afford to compromise their internet connection. Either one is on a short video conference call, urgent file download, or important meeting, this feature is for them.

Network switching comes in somewhat similar forms across all smartphones with a small variation on iOS and Android. We have covered briefly both of them below.

How to configure an automatic network switch on Android?

For a seamless network changeover between Wifi and mobile data, the Smart Network Switch is also available for Android. However, this may vary according to the smartphone OEMs. The steps listed below can be used to activate Auto Network Switch on Samsung.

  • Go to Setting
  • WiFi
  • Turn on WiFi
  • Click on three vertical dots for additional Setting
  • Choose Advanced
  • Click on Switch to Mobile Data.

On Xiaomi smartphones, you may activate this option by going to Settings> WiFi > WiFi Assistant > Select best networks automatically. These references will work on other devices because Android is almost universal across all smartphone manufacturers.

On Xiaomi Devices

Automatic network switch on iOS

This function is accessible on iPhones under WiFi Assist. However, only iOS 9 and later smartphones can use this feature. When turned on, your device might switch from WiFi to cellular data if your WiFi connection is unstable. You may check the status bar on your phone for this. There is an icon for your cellular data that serves as a reminder that WiFi Assist is on.

On iOS

Apple has WiFi Assist enabled by default for our advantage. However, if you only want to utilize WiFi and don’t care about signal dropouts or disconnection, you can turn it off. These are the procedures.

To access mobile data, go to Settings > Cellular. Locate WiFi Assist > by scrolling down. To disable it, simply tap the slider.

Be cautious though!

This feature has some drawbacks, despite how attractive it sounds. Your network intelligently transitions from WiFi to mobile data when this functionality is enabled. As a result, you won’t be aware that you are using mobile data, and you risk losing your pricey data pack or perhaps having your balance reduced as a result. As a result, you can only utilize this function as an optional utility while monitoring its status.

Another issue with this feature is that for a smooth network switch, your mobile data must remain on. However, this will contribute to your battery’s juice being drained. It is something you should monitor, especially if you don’t have a power backup.

The important thing to remember is that Android has a clever feature called Mobile Data Always Active. It will be easier to switch from WiFi to mobile data if you toggle this function. But it’s not a standard offering. To activate it, you must access Developer Options. You must access it by going to Settings > About Phone > Build Number and repeatedly tapping on it. Your device’s developer settings are turned on as a result. Developer options may be located in Additional settings or under Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options, depending on the device. The option for Mobile Data Always Active can be found by scrolling down there.

However, as was already mentioned, constantly using your mobile data could harm your device’s battery life. Therefore, before turning on this feature, make sure it won’t result in a faster battery drain for you. Once enabled, Auto Network Switch will function more effectively, giving you smooth, intelligent internet connectivity on your smartphone.

What is allow cellular data switching?

If you enable Allow Cellular Data Switching, your voice-only number will automatically switch to using voice and data while you are on a voice call. This enables you to use the call for both voice and data.

What happens if I keep my mobile data and Wi-Fi both on at a time?

Android actually does support simultaneous connection for both 3G and WiFi devices, through an amazing app called SuperSpeed. On LTE phones it will dramatically increase connection speeds. As others have said, when both WiFi and 3G are simultaneously connected, only WiFi will work.

This is how you can Automatic Network Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data.

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