Classic Tech Internet Packages, Offers, And Price

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Classic Tech Internet Packages, Offers, And Price

Classic Tech is a leading Internet Service Provider in Nepal. Since its launch in 2009, it has steadily risen earning trust and support on the back of its varied range of packages and offers. Despite stiff competition from existing ISPs, Classic Tech has earned a massive customer base in the last 12 years, becoming one of the go-to ISPs with its coverage across 74 districts across Nepal.

As the Nepali internet market rocks through the internet speed war, Classic Tech has propelled itself to the top when it comes to the number game at least. The company recently announced a 1000 Mbps internet plan, which is Nepal’s fastest ever and leaves its competitors far behind in the race.

Besides, the company has also announced that it will bring WiFi 6 and Tri-Band routers soon to complement its newer and higher ambition as it seeks to reach more households in the coming years.  

Classic Tech provides its services under Home Broadband and Enterprise Solutions. But the latter offers minimal bandwidth packages compared to the Home Broadband’s ultra high-speed packages. This is why Enterprise Solutions will soon turn obsolete in the wake of the current speed war if not significantly upgraded. This is why, we will list its Home Broadband’s diverse range of internet packages and their costs in detail. Keep reading.

Classic Tech Tachyon – Home Broadband

Classic Tech has recently announced its new packages under its Home Broadband segment. Dubbed Tachyon, It includes the ISP’s flagship plans at affordable costs. The internet plans range from 150/250/325 Mbps to 625 Mbps. This segment also includes its premium 1Gbps show steal. Let’s explore each in detail.

Classic Tech Tachyon 1Gbps Internet offer

150 Mbps Unlimited

Classic Tech’s 150 Mbps plan is its starter package under Home Broadband. It looks unflattering compared to the juggernaut 1 Gbps package. But by no means, the 150 Mbps would be a subordinate. For many households, it is a perfect fit for both speed and affordability. It is speedy enough to download large files, play games, and browse the web simultaneously. Plus, the customer will get an IPTV subscription which comes with all the major TV channels popular in Nepal.

To add convenience for its customers, Classic Tech has given many renewal options on this package. You can subscribe to this package on monthly renewal, or pay every 3 months or 12 months at once.

Internet12 Months3 Months1 Month
InternetRs. 14,388Rs. 4,350Rs. 1,500

Paying every month will cost you Rs.1,500 for 150 Mbps internet service. If you pay every 3 months, it will come for Rs.4,350. For the whole 12 months package, you will receive the basic plan for Rs.14,388.

One-Time Installation Charge

Classic Tech doesn’t take any charges on this package for first-time installation. But the subscribers will need to pay Rs.500 for FTTH cable. The Dual Band 5G ONU costs Rs. 2,500 and Rs.2,000 for 1 and 3 months renewal plans. It’s cost-free on 12 monthly plan though. An extra Rs.500 shall be paid in deposit for the ONU device.

Internet12 Months3 Months1 Month
Installation ChargeFREEFREEFREE
FTTH CableRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
Dual Band 5G ONU RentalFREERs. 2,000Rs. 2,500
Dual Band 5G ONU DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

Mesh WiFi for 150 Mbps Package

For the first time, the ISP has also brought the Mesh WiFi system for better connectivity. If you have a larger area in need of constant WiFi performance, you can add an additional Mesh WiFi system that will improve your home broadband to the next level.

Under this package, you can add two Mesh WiFi systems which are options. If you want a first Mesh WiFi configuration, it will incur Rs.3,000 in the rental charge, Rs.2,500 in Deposit, and another Rs.3,000 for Smart installation.

Mesh 1.0Rental ChargeSecurity DepositSmart Installation
First Mesh 1.0 (Optional)Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 3,000
Second Mesh 1.0 (Optional)Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 2,000

225 Mbps Unlimited

The 225 Mbps package is a mid-ranger in the Home Broadband segment ideal for a small to large size family. The package should have no issue in meeting the demands of any customer from video streaming, to downloading large-size files. If you want more than the starter package to ensure even better internet performance at a moderate price tag, this is it.

Like the first one, this package is also available on 1,3, and 12 months subscriptions which will cost Rs.1,800, Rs.5,250, and Rs.16,788 respectively,

Internet 225Mbps12 Months3 Months1 Month
Internet 225MbpsRs. 16,788Rs. 5,250Rs. 1,800

Meanwhile, the customer gets two IPTV subscriptions with this package that completes your home entertainment.

As for the cost of installation and WiFi Mesh system, they are similar to the 150 Mbps package.

225 Mbps Unlimited for Non-IPTV users

Revising the price, the ISP has introduced the 225 Mbps package for just Rs.3,300 on three months subscription. The company claims it to be the cheapest internet package in Nepal for this speed.

With this new price, users can get blazing internet speed for a steal price of Rs.1,100 per month. The package is targeted at non-IPTV users only. If you don’t need a digital Tv subscription along with an internet plan, you can subscribe to this affordable package. You get a premium broadband plan at a cheap cost and receive a dual-band router for free.

The package comes with a dual-band router too. This will serve with an uninterrupted internet connection to achieve maximum performance. Also remember, that the ISP won’t charge any installation and fiber cable costs on this package. You would only have to deposit Rs.1,000 for the router.

Classic Tech 225 Mbps offerCostAfter VATDual-band router depositValidity
225 Mbps connectionRs.3,300Rs.3,729Rs.1,0003 months

325 Mbps Unlimited

Classic Tech’s 325 Mbps package costs Rs.2,400 on monthly subscriptions, Rs.7,050 and Rs.19,788 for 3 and 12 months respectively. With this package, you can browse, stream, download and upload. Anything the previous two packages do but with more efficacy. This package also brings 2 IPTVs for your smart and non-smart TV.

Internet 325 Mbps12 Months3 Months1 Month
CostsRs. 19,788Rs. 7,050Rs. 2,400

The installation costs and Router setup has the same price tag as the previous two packages here.

625 Mbps Unlimited

Up the ladder, there is a 625 Mbps package to hype up the internet speed war. This is already the highest residential package on offer among the ISPs. The package can meet any of your internet needs with its speed. Combine it with a Mesh system to realize its best potential.

Internet 625 Mbps12 Months
CostRs. 29,988

The 625 Mbps package is only available on 12 monthly subscriptions and for it, you will need to pay Rs.29,988 in advance. This package brings 3 IPTVs too.

One-Time Installation Cost

Classic Tech installs its flagship 625 Mbps connection for free. Besides, it has also waived charges of fiber cable and the ONU device but you will have to pay Rs.500 on its deposit once.

Subscription12 Months
Installation ChargeFREE
Dual Band 5G ONU RentalFREE
Dual Band 5G ONU DepositRs. 500

Mesh System for 625 Mbps

625 Mbps is a no-joke internet deal. It’s incredibly high-speed broadband and is a fit for large areas with more users and devices. This is why the addition of a Mesh system could be on the way for the subscribers. Let’s see the costs of the Mesh router system.

There are up to 4 separate Mesh systems on options. If you want to add just one Mesh, it will cost Rs.8,000 in the rental charge. Meanwhile, it incurs Rs.2,000 in security deposit and Rs.3,000 for installation. The charge is similar for other upgrades too.

Mesh 2.0Rental ChargeSecurity DepositSmart Installation
One Mesh 2.0Rs. 8,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 3,000
Two Mesh 2.0Rs. 8,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 3,000
Three Mesh 2.0Rs. 8,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 3,000
Four Mesh 2.0Rs. 8,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 3,000

1000 Mbps Unlimited – Classic Tech’s Greatest

Classic Tech’s endgame 1000 Mbps plan or more succinctly 1 Gbps internet is the greatest residential plan in Nepal to date. With this package, the ISP has completely taken others off guard. the 1 GB internet plan is a world-class offering in its own right and is the greatest yet in the recent months that has seen a transformation in Nepal’s internet market.

1 GB is perfect. It is ultra-high-speed and delivers the fastest broadband experience for any be it residential users or corporate. The 1 GB speed can download and upload ridiculously large size files within minutes. It can stream videos, and help with online gaming with superior performance. The 1 Gbps internet is a supreme candidate to fit the bill for any internet consumer.

Cost for Tachyon 1000 Mbps Internet Plan

The 1000 Mbps internet package comes exclusively on 12 monthly subscriptions and costs Rs.47,988. It comes with 3 IPTV additions too. The cost for installation is none except the customer will have to pay Rs.500 in deposit for the ONU device.

Internet 1000 Mbps12 Months
CostRs. 47,988

Just like the 625 Mbps package, this 1 Gbps package is for those who need interrupted internet round the clock over a large area for multiple devices. Business houses that have high internet demands for large file transactions, and video conferences can opt for this package. For ICT-related ventures or film production companies, this is going to be an ideal package.

The installation and Mesh WiFi costs are similar to the 625 Mbps package.

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Internet Solutions

Classic Tech has magnified its presence in the last few months since the internet war began. The company is not only bringing the 1 Gbps milestone internet speed, it wants to herald a new broadband experience for the users. That’s why the ISP has announced WiFi 6, Tri-Band routers.

Currently, it has a Mesh WiFi system and 5 GHz routers on offer while the previous two will launch soon. These standards will upgrade the broadband internet with superior performance improvement over the existing standards.

Meanwhile, the ISP has also started the Payback time feature. That means it will compensate users with additional days of internet plan for its downtime during an active subscription.

Classic Tech’s Enterprise Plan

Classic Tech’s Enterprise Plan is a dedicated service to large business houses that require an uncompromising bandwidth performance. The plan is for those businesses who want high-scale bandwidth as well as consistency for heavy internet consumption for long hours.

These packages may look underwhelming on the surface, but they come with their own advantages. Each package under this plan comes with no sharing ratio. That means a subscriber gets a dedicated bandwidth round the clock with no one to share the bandwidth in-between. Additionally, there is no FUP cap on these packages meaning a customer can abuse the internet if necessary as there is no restriction on usage.

So these packages are for those who want dedicated internet and do not bother with FUP and sharing ratio. The packages are also cost-friendly and will suit home-to-small homes to offices for boundless consumption with assured quality.

30 Mbps – Enterprise

The 30 Mbps Enterprise package is the starter package. This dedicated FUP-free package has 3 renewal options. For per month subscription, it costs Rs.2,100. For 3 and 12 months, it costs Rs.6,000 and Rs.21,048 respectively. It also comes with an IPTV service for free.

Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
InternetRs. 2,100Rs. 6,000Rs. 21,048

As for the one-time installation, Classic Tech charges Rs.500 for 1 and 3 months on installation charge. The ISP takes no charge on 12 monthly subscriptions though.  The customers will need to pay another Rs.500 for the ONU device. The also takes no charges for the FTTH cable.

One Time Charge

Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeRs. 500Rs. 500FREE
ONU DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

40 Mbps – Enterprise

40 Mbps Enterprise solution brings more bandwidth and more potential to your home and small offices for broadband needs. Plus, it also comes with 2 IPTV benefits.

Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
InternetRs. 3,100Rs. 8,901Rs. 32,556

In terms of costs, there are similar 3 package variants- 1/3/12 months packages. For one month’s subscription, it costs Rs.3,100. As for 3 and 12 months, it costs Rs.8,901, and Rs.32,556 on 12 months subscriptions. The one-time installation costs are similar to the ones on the 30 Mbps package.

60 Mbps – Enterprise

The high-bandwidth 60 Mbps plan suits the needs of startups and entrepreneurs who work and require an uninterrupted and consistent flow of internet.

For costs, a 1-month subscription comes for Rs.6,100. The 3 months and 12 months subscriptions cost Rs.17,400 and Rs.62,544 respectively. Besides, this package also brings to you 3 IPTVs for home entertainment. The additional costs are similar on all packages.

Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
InternetRs. 6,100Rs. 17,400Rs. 62,544

This flagship internet solution comprises the following characteristics:

  • There will not be any sharing among other customers.
  • There is no FUP on the unlimited internet.
  • Static IP with Public IP block range (if required) via L3 network.
  • Secondary link for redundancy with automatic failover.
  • Server hosting ability.
  • Customized bandwidth provisioning.
  • Well-managed services.
  • Prompt response and customized Service-Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Customized QoS to manage critical applications.
  • Symmetric upload and download.

Classic Tech’s Enterprise Plan subscription can be processed online at this link.

To ensure the best-in-class fiber connections, Classic Tech offers Dark Core fiber. This technology offers a secure and cost-effective service that serves enterprises to maintain control of their network with almost unlimited bandwidth round the clock.

Classic Tech’s Data Center Solution

Under Corporate Plan, Classic Tech also provides Data Centre solutions including physical server Co-location services and Dedicated servers on leaser. Companies can sign up for the data center solution for 24/7 uninterrupted storage of their data. Some of the characteristics of the Data Center are as follows:

  1. Server Hosting and Leasing
  2. Hosting Solutions
  3. Cloud Services
  4. Physical Server Co-location

MPLS Intranet

Among many high-profile services, Classic Tech’s Intranet service is one. The ISP has established a native Intranet network over Virtual Private LAN Service with a Multi-protocol Level Switching platform.

Classic Tech guarantees its subscribers traffic up to 100Mbps via a secured network. Check out Classic Tech’s Intranet features.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Secure and private MPLS VPN
  • Multiple routing protocols supported
  • Robust online network management portal
  • 24 X 7 X 365 customer support

Classic Tech: Fair Usage Policy

Classic-Tech implements a Fair Usage Policy to keep its bandwidth fair for all. If it finds any “unlimited” plan subscriber abusing the bandwidth, it toggles a FUP on that user and the speed throttles.

As Enterprise plans are dedicated, only the “Unlimited” plans are subject to the FUP. The policy resets every month. But if a customer doesn’t comply, the ISP may contact them with caution.

These are the conditions where FUP can strike:

  • While downloading or uploading large files at the hostel, cyber, or some official work as their internet demands are generally higher than residential uses.
  • If a Home Broadband subscriber has unusually “heavy download” characteristics.
  • Can’t rule out the possibility of a virus or malware triggering the device to send and receive heavy data files without the user knowing.

Classic Tech implements its FUP in three tiers, just like other major ISPs in Nepal. It has a three-tier status: YELLOW Zone, RED Zone, and BLACK Zone

Classic Tech’s Three-Tier Zone FUP

Classic Tech has modified its FUP parameters with generosity. Now, the ISP has introduced a percentage system in which the subscribed package’s speed comes down to the stipulated percentage speed. As the Home Broadband speed are all in 3 figures to 1 Gbps, users will still have a good speed for their internet consumption. But it doesn’t mean a user is encouraged to abuse the bandwidth.

  • YELLOW Zone – If a user or a client exceeds the Fair Usage Quota, the speed throttles down to 50%.
  • RED Zone – The client’s bandwidth speed comes down to 25% if they continue abusing the internet consumption even after triggering the YELLOW Zone
  • BLACK Zone – The bandwidth throttles to its lowest 10% or 5 Mbps for their continued bandwidth abuse.

When either of these Zone triggers, Classic Tech notifies the user via SMS/Email/Notification in mobile apps.

If a FUP Zone is active, it resets at the beginning of the next month’s billing cycle and the speed restores to normal.  

If a customer has crossed the FUP Quota threshold, their data usage counter will reset at the first of every monthly billing cycle and their Internet will return back to its original speed.

Classic Tech tags a user to its corresponding ‘zone’ when a user exceeds the monthly data threshold. This will trigger the speed throttle and reduce its bandwidth performance till the end of the running month.

  • YELLOW Zone: When this zone comes into effect, the users’ bandwidth speed will come down to 12Mbps. Classic Tech will inform them via SMS/Email/Notification in the mobile app so that they could lessen their internet abuse.
  • RED Zone: If the user exceeds bandwidth consumption further, the RED Zone strikes and the bandwidth spirals down to 6Mbps. They get notifications through SMS/Email/Notification.
  • BLACK Zone: If the user ignores the warning and keeps on abusing the bandwidth, the bandwidth’s speed will be throttled to 3Mbps.

Classic Tech resets its FUP every monthly billing cycle and it restores back to normal. It is always best that we do not abuse your bandwidth consumption so as to help every gain a better internet service on the network.

So there it was. We compiled the list of all Classic Tech’s available internet packages from Basic, SoHo, To Corporate. Depending on the size of your family, the purpose of use, bandwidth demands, and affordability choose your package wisely and stay away from FUP’s strike.

ISP Market Going Through A Phase

Internet service is now evolving in Nepal. The large ISPs have had a great run for years but new key companies are coming with unprecedented offers to draw attention away from traditional giants. Chaudhary Group recently debuted with CG Net’s 120Mbps residential package. In this, every existing ISPs are under immense pressure to mount an apt response to hook their customer base.

In this evolving competition, Classic Tech has solidly strengthened its profile with the 1 Gbps internet plan and plans for WiFi 6 and Tri-Band routers. The ISP is keeping no stone unturned to gung-ho in this speed war and wants to stay ahead with both the number and quality.

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