How to setup Nepali keyboard on a Mobile device (Android & iOS)

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How to setup Nepali keyboard on a Mobile device (Android & iOS)

If Nepali is your first language, it goes without saying that you desire a Nepali keypad for your smartphone. Regardless of where you call home. You have a soft spot in your heart for the Nepali language, and you enjoy typing it. And because everyone in your circles is Nepali, a lot of things are written in that language. You enjoy responding to them in Nepali. So, here is how you use the Nepali keyboard on your smartphone. Smartphones, as the majority of Social Media apps, are used on them.

How to install a Nepali keyboard on an android device?

Most people use third-party apps like Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard, etc. Some also type in Nepali online and copy and paste their entries into the apps. You are not required to. Use Google’s Gboard as your only keyboard. Gboard is already installed on the majority of Android phones. Try searching your phone’s Google folder. You may easily download the Gboard from the Google Play store if it isn’t already on your phone.

Here is the link to download Gboard on your phone.

After downloading the Gboard into your android phone, follow the below steps

Follow these steps after installing Gboard on your Android phone:

  • Go to Settings,
  • select General Management,
  • then select Language and Input,
  • Tap on the Default keyboard,
  • From the selection, choose Gboard.

You have chosen Gboard as your default keyboard using the instructions above. The Nepali language must now be added to the Gboard. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Go to the Gboard app and tap on it,
  • You’ll see the various settings and the Languages tab is right at the top,
  • Tap on this Languages tab,
  • then tap the Add Keyboard button at the bottom,
  • You’ll notice the many languages that are available there,
  • Navigate down to Nepali (Nepal).

Gboard will begin downloading the Nepali language file as soon as it is selected. You can easily use the Nepali keyboard once the downloading is complete. Every program you need to type on will display this Gboard keyboard as you have previously set it as the default keyboard.

By just tapping the global globe icon to the left of the space bar, you may quickly switch between the different languages on your keyboard. Once you tap the Globe icon, English will appear, and if you tap it once more, Nepali will appear.

Switching between the languages in the keyboard android

The screenshots and settings listed above are from Android Oreo 8.0. The procedure and the words could alter slightly if you use a version other than Oreo 8.0, but they are all comparable.

How to Get Nepali Typing Keyboard on iPhone or iPad?

The tough part is done by iPhone and iOS. There isn’t already access to the Gboard there. It must be installed. So look up Gboard on the iOS App Store first.

To download the Gboard on your iOS device click this link.

  • Open Settings,
  • Tap on General,
  • Now tap on Keyboard and then Keyboards,
  • Tap on the Edit at the top right corner and tap on Reorder,
  • Drag the Gboard at the top.,
  • And then tap on Done.

You have now made Gboard, the keyboard from Google, your default keyboard by following the steps above. You must now include the Nepali language on it. To do this, adhere to the procedures below.

  • Open Gboard on your iPhone or iPad,
  • Tap on Languages and then Add languages,
  • Select Nepali(Nepal).
Switching between languages on keyboard iOS

Utilizing the globe symbol on the Google keyboard’s Gboard, you can now switch between languages. Check out the image above.

If you want to use Gboard, the Google keyboard, to its fullest potential, you might also need to grant full access. The steps are listed below.

  • Open Gboard on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on Enabling full access
  • Now Tap Get started
  • And tap on Keyboards
  • Choose Gboard
  • And tap on Allow full access and toggle the button to On

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Nepali keyboard is best for Iphone?

All of us who love the Nepali language has access to the Hamro Keyboard. With this keyboard, you may type in Nepali in any application. Don’t copy and paste anything. You may enter Nepali directly into any app with the Hamro Nepali Keyboard.

Last thoughts

We sincerely hope that this lesson will assist you in avoiding the need to download a Nepali keyboard or utilize an English-to-Nepali keyboard when typing on your Android and iOS devices. You may always ask for more help by visiting the Contact page or by submitting a comment in the box below.

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