Top Blogging Sites in Nepal

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Top Blogging Sites in Nepal

Because the site’s name is NepaliBlogs, I’m extremely excited to discover new Nepali blogs here at NepaliBlogs. Because I come across numerous Nepali blogs on a regular basis, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of all Nepali blogs I come across. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of Nepali blogs, and you are welcome to propose your own in the comments section. Over time, I want to compile a complete list of Nepali blogs. Despite the fact that my own website is also from Nepal, I have decided not to add it at this time.

Top Nepali Blogs | Featured List

Although I call it a list of top Nepali blogs, it’s in fact only a featured list. There are no rankings involved and the list doesn’t reflect any particular order of the blogs. The list mainly includes blogs that are popular among Nepali audiences and the community.

1. Mysansar

Mysansar is a popular Nepali blog that receives a lot of traffic. Salokya began the blog in 2005, and it has a large following among the Nepali diaspora.

Visit | About Mysansar

2. lexlimbu

Lex Limbu started writing in London, UK and has a personal blog at The blog mostly covers Nepalese events in Nepal and the Nepali diaspora.

Visit | About lexlimbu

3. xNepali

Although it has covered a variety of themes in the past, xNepali is presently a Nepali Movies and Entertainment site. On its website, the blog also provides a number of useful Nepali tools.

Visit | About xNepali

4. The Gundruk Post

The Gundruk post is a new Nepali blog that focuses on social media, technology, business, and entertainment. The site is most known for its list postings on various Nepali themes.

Visit The Gundruk Post | About The Gundruk Post

 5. Ashesh’s Blog

Ashesh’s blog is a personal blog of Ashesh covering a range of subjects from Web development, Designing, Nepali events, and more. It is mostly known for Nepali utilities such as calendar and date converter.

Visit Ashesh’s Blog About Ashesh’s Blog

6. Nirmal’s Web Blog

Nirmal Gyanwali, a Sydney-based Web Designer and Developer, maintains a personal blog called Nirmal’s Web Blog. The blog focuses on information technology, both in Nepal and in globally.

Visit Nirmal’s Web Blog | About Nirmal’s Web Blog

7. United We Blog

United We Blog was founded in 2004 and features mostly postings about Nepali politics and society. Dinesh Wagle and Ujjwal Acharya created the site on October 1, 2004.

Visit | About United we Blog

8. Aakar Post

Aakar Post is a Nepali blog written by Aakar Anil (Ghimire), a Nepali marketer and blogger. Technology, social media, Nepali trends, and other subjects are covered by Aakar Post.

Visit Aakar Post | About Aakar Post

9. Nepali Chalchitra

Nepali Chalchitra is a Nepali film blog that covers subjects such as Nepali celebrities, entertainment, and films.

Visit Nepali Chalchitra | About Nepali Chalchitra

10. Nepali Australian

Nepali Australian is a blog written by a Nepali blogger residing in Sydney who shares personal experiences on travel, culture, marriage, and other topics.

Visit Nepali Australian | About Nepali Australian

*This list will be updated over time. I would love to see your suggestions in the comments below.

Nepali Blogs | Complete List

Here’s a list of all the other Nepali Blogger blogs I’ve found. There are additional blogs by Nepali bloggers on the list that are not directly linked to Nepal.

  1. NepaliBlogs
  2. Aagat
  3. Aakar
  4. Aakar Tech
  5. Aarati Speaks!
  6. Aarogya
  7. Aarohan
  8. Alankar
  9. Ametya
  10. Archana
  11. BK2Mangalman
  12. BasantGautam
  13. BedNath
  14. Bibek
  15. BlogStreet
  16. Bloggerdai
  17. >CS Life
  18. Cafe Dhaiba
  19. Carbon Tube
  20. Chapagain Blog
  21. Computer Nepalima
  22. D Acharya
  23. D Panthi
  24. Dautari
  25. Deepak Jadit
  26. Deepas
  27. Dhakal
  28. Dhirac
  29. Dinesh M
  30. DolkhaNepal
  31. Doorjeya
  32. DrDivas
  33. Eternal
  34. Express Myself
  35. Fursad
  36. GufGaf
  37. Hello Birgunj
  38. Her World
  39. ItsNepal
  40. KabiG
  41. Kailash Kuti
  42. KaliTimes
  43. Kamaladi
  44. Kath Speaks
  45. Keshav
  46. Khulla Manch
  47. Krishna Thapa
  48. Langtang Online
  49. Luv Nepal
  50. M Tajim
  51. MaheshS
  52. Malila Baje
  53. Meellon
  54. Mero Bato
  55. Mero Bichaar
  56. Mero Guff
  57. Mero Paribesh
  58. Milan
  59. MilanD
  60. My Frame of Ref.
  61. Nepa Chem
  62. Nepalese in Goettn
  63. Nepali Journal
  64. NepaliBlogger
  65. Online KK
  66. OzonezWeblog
  67. Palai Palo
  68. Pbasyal
  69. Post-kari
  70. Poudyal Saban
  71. Pramb
  72. Raaz
  73. RajMeej
  74. RayofHope
  75. Rrizal
  76. S K C
  77. Sadhana S
  78. Sagarmatha Darpan
  79. Sahadev
  80. Sahitya Batika
  81. Sahitya Sansar
  82. Sajilo
  83. Sangesh
  84. Science N Society
  85. Semplate
  86. Shirish
  87. Sujan Clicks
  88. SunRain Tales
  89. Tanjali
  90. Taranga
  91. Technott
  92. >Time!
  93. Uday Subedi
  94. UmesBW
  95. Utopia
  96. Vishnu G
  97. Wagle Street
  98. World of Small
  99. Yuba Aawaz
  100. jijibisa
  101. Srijanaharu
  102. Roshan

I know I could have easily missed some good blogs in the list. Please suggest if any, using the comments box below. Also don’t forget to share among your peers to promote Nepali Bloggers.

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