Ncell Fined-to Return Rs. 1.11 Billion to Customers

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Ncell Fined-to Return Rs. 1.11 Billion to Customers

Private mobile service provider Ncell is being fined by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to repay the money charged for delivering the service without a user’s consent. In a meeting held on Shrawan 32, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority’s board decided to refund Rs 1.11 billion.

Achutananda Mishra, the NTA’s assistant spokesperson, said the decision was verified on Friday. During the period of 15 Aswin 2075 to 18 Jestha 2077, Ncell has automatically renewed and directed the return of the cash collected from the customer via the vase service called “Gameloft” and “Huawei App Gallery”.

Without taxes, it earned Rs 1.37 billion, NTA claimed. In its letter to Ncell on Bhadra 19, the NTA had questioned why no action would be taken against the firm. Again, Ncell was asked for an answer on this issue on Asadh 17.

It was a third-party service, according to Ncell.

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It was found by NEA that Ncell was not accurate in its claim that the service was not renewed without prior permission and that Ncell’s accusation had no basis in reality.

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Authorities have decided to take legal action against Ncell Axiata for operating such services without the authority’s permission as needed under the license and for continuing to do so despite the authority’s instructions.

Within three months, Ncell must repay fined amount of Rs. 1,11 billion that was illegally transferred to the customer’s mobile phone. In order to obtain a refund, NEA will have to be contacted.

There are 15 days remaining till Jestha 18, 2077 BS for the business to provide the information on the automatic renewal of the contract. Acting in contravention of the Telecommunications Act 2053 BS was also penalized with a fine of Rs 50,000.

ncell fined
ncell fined
Ncell fined
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