Important Notice for Grade 12 examination, read details

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Important Notice for Grade 12 examination, read details

Kathmandu, August 22: The National Examination Board has stated that the postponed examination of class 12 may be held before Dashain. According to the board officials, most of the students who are preparing for the class 12 exams have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Controller of Examinations Krishna Prasad Sharma said that they would be able to conduct the examination before Dashain if the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) gives its approval. He said that the students will be informed about the examination by giving 15 days’ advance notice after getting permission from CCMC. He said that many candidates studying in the capital and urban areas had to go to the villages after the exams were stopped and they had to be informed in advance about the exams.
Controller of Examinations Sharma clarified that they have no problem in conducting the examination following the health safety standards if the CCMC gives permission. The government has made the coronavirus vaccine available to 12th-grade students this week alone. Earlier, the board had requested the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health and Population to provide vaccines to students studying in class 12 on the basis of admission cards.

Earlier, the board meeting held on July 7 had decided to postpone the class 12 examination scheduled for July 12. The board is preparing to make public the schedule of the class 12 examination as it has been postponed twice.

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