Samsung’s new phone storage standard is twice as fast

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Samsung’s new phone storage standard is twice as fast

Samsung has unveiled the latest version of its Universal Flash Storage device, which the company claims are significantly faster than the previous version. The UFS specification had already been created to enable SSD speeds for cameras, phones, and other devices, but this version, known as UFS 4.0, offers a speed of 23.2Gbps per lane. This is twice as fast as UFS 3.1, the technology used by Samsung’s flagship S22 phones. The tech behemoth claims that its massive bandwidth is ideal for 5G devices, which often require massive quantities of data processing. Samsung anticipates its usage in the automobile industry, as well as in augmented and virtual reality devices.

Samsung introduces UFS 4.0 storage with big performance improvements
Samsung’s new phone storage standard is twice as fast

Samsung’s 7th-generation V-NAND technology and proprietary controller are used in the flash storage, which the company claims can achieve sequential read rates of up to 4,200MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 2,800MB/s. It’s also a lot more power-efficient than the previous generation, with a 46 percent increase in efficiency over the previous generation, which could mean longer battery life. Samsung’s USF 4.0 devices will be 11mm x 13mm x 1mm in size and come in a variety of capacities up to 1TB.

In the third quarter of 2022, the business will begin mass-producing UFS 4.0 storage solutions. Samsung is currently “collaborating with smartphone and consumer device manufacturers across the world” and “working tirelessly to establish an ecosystem for UFS 4.0 to propel the market for high-performance mobile storage solutions,” according to the company.

Not only that, but sequential read speeds can reach 4,200MB/s, with sequential write speeds reaching 2,800MB/s. This is made possible, according to Samsung, by the 7th Generation V-NAND technology. In addition to the performance improvements, UFS 4.0 is touted to have a 46 percent higher power efficiency than UFS 3.1. With a sequential read speed of 6MB/s per mA, this could help ensure that your next smartphone has an even longer lifespan.

This new storage technology is based on the JEDEC standard specification and is expected to appear in forthcoming flagship smartphones, as well as AR, VR, and automotive applications.

Samsung has announced that UFS 4.0 will go into mass production in Q3 2022, with capacities of up to 1TB. We could see flagship devices with UFS 4.0 storage in late 2022, indicating that Samsung’s next wave of smartphones and foldable will have the quickest flash storage possible.

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