Xiaomi may Launch New Mi, Redmi Branded Laptop Models in India Soon

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Xiaomi may Launch New Mi, Redmi Branded Laptop Models in India Soon

According to reports, Xiaomi is planning to launch new laptops under the Mi and Redmi brands in India soon. The Chinese business already sells a few laptop models in the United States under the Mi name, and it appears that it intends to extend its product line. The Mi Notebook 14, Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition, Mi Notebook 14 IC, and Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition have all been released in India by Xiaomi. It’s conceivable that the rumored forthcoming Mi laptops are upgraded versions of the Mi Notebook 14.

Xiaomi may Launch New Mi, Redmi Branded Laptop Models in India Soon

Known tipster Ishan Agarwal shared on Twitter that Xiaomi is expected to launch new laptops under its Mi brand soon. It will also introduce laptops under its Redmi brand later this month, according to the source. These would be the first Redmi branded laptop models to arrive in India if this is true, while RedmiBook computers have been available in China for quite some time. Xiaomi has not revealed any information about future laptops, thus it is still unknown which models will be available in India.

In China, the firm sells a variety of laptop models under the Mi and Redmi names. It just introduced the Mi Notebook Pro X 15 in the nation, which has the newest Intel 11th-generation processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series GPU. The RedmiBook Pro 14 and RedmiBook Pro 15 versions were released in February under the Redmi brand. These were also powered by 11th-Gen Intel CPUs, while AMD Ryzen 5000 series versions of the two models were released in May.

Xiaomi may deliver several RedmiBook models to the Philippines with the newest Intel or AMD processors. It may also use newer internal hardware to update its current Mi Notebook products, which are already available in India. Whatever the situation may be, we may expect more reasonably priced laptop products from Xiaomi in the next weeks, as well as additional details.

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