Will the price increase in India have an impact on Xiaomi products in Nepal?

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Will the price increase in India have an impact on Xiaomi products in Nepal?

In India, Xiaomi is raising the prices of its phones and smart TVs. Xiaomi announced a price increase in India on Wednesday, according to wire service PTI (via Livemint). Beginning July 1, the Chinese company said that its telephones and televisions will be 3–6% more expensive.

The justification Xiaomi’s choice to climb costs in India returns at the lack of segments and higher delivery costs. According to a spokesman for the company, manufacturing network issues have been prevalent since last year, pointing to the global chip shortage.

“Most of the sectors used in cell phones, smart TVs, and other hardware contraptions (chipsets, display boards, show driver, backboards, battery, and so on) have witnessed continuous vertical growth in their costs due to massive interest supply jumble,” the Xiaomi India official stated.

Xiaomi has stated that it will continue to upgrade its equipment expenses owing to a lack of sufficient processors.

“To tell you the truth, we will make every attempt to provide customers with the greatest value possible. However, in other circumstances, we may need to pass on a portion of the cost increase to the buyer,” Xiaomi President Wang Xiang told Reuters while discussing the company’s fourth-quarter earnings.

In recent months, Xiaomi has quietly increased the prices of a number of its phones in India. Since its release in April, the Redmi Note 10 has increased in price by Rs 1,000.

The company hasn’t said which versions of its phones and TVs would be affected, but if you’re looking for a Xiaomi device, now could be a good time to purchase one before prices rise.

In Nepal’s situation, the price rise in India will have a significant influence on items entering the nation. As a result, Nepalese consumers must be prepared to deal with the increase without being surprised.

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