SK49 in RivalsX

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SK49 in RivalsX

This news shocked the sk49’s fans as he was dealing with a lot of controversies and there was no sign that he was joining any new team but with this news, he shocked everyone as SK49 is in RivalsX.

SK49 is a popular content creator and PUBG Mobile professional player from Nepal. As per the Intel, we got from the RivalsX clan Sk49 is playing as assaulter/support and also as a content creator. From this, we can say that this is a new start from SK49 himself as he was dealing with a lot of controversies as it was said “Welcome Mr. Sugen A.K.A SK49 in our team. Leaving all the negativity back we wish to continue a new bond between us. We wish to have a healthy relationship between us in the upcoming days too. Welcome to RivalsX.”  This really made his fans and follower happy.

Recently Sugen A.K.A SK49 also reached 200k subscribers in his official YouTube channel which was obviously a huge milestone to reach and now SK49 is in RivalsX which was really a heart whelming to him and his fans. SK49 said, “to improve and build this gaming community there should be no hatred among players “. 

Now this news is sure to bring a great change in the gaming community and is for sure can be a building brick for the broken wall of this community.

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Content Creator: Mausam Gaire

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