Portrait Mode Video on the iPhone 13 Series, as well as Faster Wireless Charging

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Portrait Mode Video on the iPhone 13 Series, as well as Faster Wireless Charging

As per the leaks posted on a video on YouTube by EverythingApplePro E A P, iPhone 13 may support faster wireless charging. In comparison to the previous version of the phone series, the phone is reported to include a bigger wireless charging coil, which will allow for greater heat dissipation and quicker charging speeds. The iPhone 13 series will reportedly have a portrait mode video capability, according to the sources.

The phone is expected to be released in September, however, there are currently no specifics available. There are several speculations circulating around the phone series. Also, a bigger wireless charging coil, which would be better for heat management and potentially accommodate higher power, is a fantastic idea. This would give the iPhone 13 model a faster wireless charging capacity compared to iPhone 12 series that supports 15W charging speed.

Weinbach claimed in February of this year that the iPhone models in 2021 will feature enhanced MagSafe technology with stronger magnets. This might potentially indicate a bigger wireless charging coil with a faster-charging speed.

According to the new leak, due to the bigger coil, future iPhone models may be able to offer reverse wireless charging. Also, a US FCC listing from October of last year indicated that the iPhone 12 supported reverse wireless charging, but the phone does not support the technology if it has been disabled. Apple is working on a magnetic MagSafe compatible battery pack for the iPhone 12 series that will enable reverse charging, according to reports from March of this year.

Additionally. Weinbach is mentioned in the film as the source of the leak, implying support for the portrait mode movie. With iOS 15, Apple added portrait to FaceTime, allowing users to obscure their backdrop while on a video chat. This functionality is supposed to be included by default in the camera app.

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