Election Commission has released the timetable for the November elections

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Election Commission has released the timetable for the November elections

The Election Commission has released the timetable for the November midterm elections, while the Supreme Court is prepared to deliver its decision following the conclusion of hearings.

According to the commission’s plan, the election process will begin on July 15, when political parties may begin registering to run in the November 12 and 19 general elections. The registration deadline for parties is July 30.

All additional activities leading up to the elections are also included in the program.

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Thapaliya said, “The timetable has been announced in accordance with the polling regulations.” “These schedules should be available within a week of the polls being announced.”

The dissolution of the House of Representatives and declaration of mid-term elections on May 21 has been contested in the Supreme Court, thus it is unclear if the elections will take place.

On Monday, three senior plaintiffs’ attorneys finished their reply to the defendants’ lawyers’ arguments, while four amicus curiae members delivered their own arguments to wrap up the session.

However, analysts believe the Election Commission’s move to release the timetable while the five-member Constitutional Bench prepares its ruling is an attempt to sway the Supreme Court.

“Though it is the commission’s normal duty, the timing of its disclosure is cause for suspicion,” said Neelkantha Uprety, former Chief Commissioner of the Election Commission. “The commission’s first job should have been to prepare the schedule as soon as the government declared the elections.”

He stated that it would be preferable if the panel had not published what has fostered doubt about its intentions at this time.

“Perhaps the authorities were compelled,” Uprety speculated.

Thapaliya, on the other hand, defended the declaration.

“The announcement has nothing to do with anything else, and we don’t consider other concerns when doing our job,” Thapaliya explained.

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