Apple iOS 15.4.1 improves battery life and adds new features

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Apple iOS 15.4.1 improves battery life and adds new features

Apple published iOS 15.4.1 on Thursday, a few weeks after iOS 15.4 was released. The latest version provides a remedy for an issue that causes certain iPhones running iOS 15.4 to lose battery life.

After upgrading to iOS 15.4, several iPhone owners resorted to Twitter to complain about battery loss. Customers were told by Apple Support that it’s usual for some applications and functionality to adapt for “up to 48 hours after an upgrade.”

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The update also solves an issue that causes certain iPhone hearing devices to lose connectivity in third-party applications when browsing text or presenting an alert, as well as a bug that causes some iPhone braille devices to become unresponsive when scrolling text or showing an alert.

On March 15, Apple launched iOS 15.4, which contained features such as the ability to use Face ID to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, Universal Control, 37 new emojis, and more.

Apple has already released the feature-rich iOS 15.4 upgrades to its mobile consumers. The upgrade included new features such as the ability to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, as well as live text integration. However, some customers have complained about their iPhones’ batteries draining quickly after updating to the newest version. The Cupertino-based corporation has now published a minor-yet-critical update to address the problem. iOS 15.4.1 and iPadOS 15.4.1 have been released for iPhones and iPads.

The upgrades are available in the Settings app on all compatible devices over the air. It is available for free download. Users may find the latest software update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

According to the release notes, the update corrects an issue that caused quicker battery drain after upgrading to iOS 15.4. A fix for Made for iPhone hearing devices and Braille devices is also included in the release. The following are some of the known issues that the new OS version will address:

  • After updating to iOS 15.4, your battery may drain faster than usual.
  • While navigating text or showing an alarm, braille devices may become unresponsive.
  • Designed for the iPhone Some third-party apps may cause hearing devices to lose connectivity.
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